Zack Bia: Who Is He? Olivia Rodrigo is rumoured to be dating Madison Beer’s ex-girlfriend.

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Zack Bia: Who Is He? Olivia Rodrigo is rumoured to be dating Madison Beer’s ex-girlfriend.

After parting from Adam Faze, Olivia Rodrigo is apparently dating Madison Beer’s ex, Zach Bia.

Since the release of her debut album, the Deja Vu singer has been creating waves in the music industry. Since then, fans have been interested in learning more about her personal life.

Olivia is reportedly dating someone new months after her breakup with Adam, and those who have been following Madison’s life might think of Zack.

Zack Bia, who is he?
Zack is a 26-year-old DJ and the creator of the doc label. Zack got his first head start when he met Fetty Wap at a nightclub on his eighteenth birthday, according to People.

During his brief interaction, a promoter mistook Zack for one of the rapper’s colleagues and seized his money. He was apparently paid $100 to market golf tools before he even realised it. He’s made a lot of contacts and is frequently spotted with other celebs, such as Drake.

He started his own documentary label, Field Trip Recordings, in 2020. He’s quite active on Instagram, and he’s been utilising it to advertise himself. He has almost 500k followers on the second.

Madison Beer was his first love.
Prior to dating Olivia, Zack dated Madison, a singer. The couple began dating in 2018 and had an on-again, off-again romance.

It’s unknown how the two came together. Their relationship, however, made news on a frequent basis as a result of the pair’s occasional quarrels. Following a brief separation in 2018, the couple reunited a few months later.

Unfortunately, their romance came to an end in 2019 as the couple decided to pursue separate careers. Following their breakup, Zack was linked to Madelyn Cline of the Outer Banks.

We learn a lot about his relationship with Olivia as a result of our investigation.
Olivia and Zack have been dating since the Super Bowl, according to People. When Olivia was on the road with her Sour tour, allegations about their romance first arose on the internet.

The two appeared to be having a good time together. However, it wasn’t until recently that new details regarding their connection became public.

Olivia and Zack have remained silent about their romance for the time being.

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