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Poke is an American Youtube Star. He was born on Apr 13, 1998 in Chicago, IL. Poke is famous for YouTuber known for his gaming content, specializing in Roblox games. He has earned over 4.6 million subscribers to his channel. His real name is Zack. He has a brother and a sister. His girlfriend’s name is Lani. He has played games with several well known YouTubers, including Tofuugaming, TYBZI, Grapeapplesauce, HBOMB94 and Minecraft4Meh. His first video, appropriately titled “Pokediger1’s First Video,” was published August 22, 2011. His channel was previously called Pokediger1. He has more than 4.6 million followers on YouTube (@olapokemogi). Lets know about Poke age, height, YouTube, girlfriend, photos, biography, wikipedia, family, facts and more.

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