Rita Lobo – Age, Height, Biography, Net Worth, Family, Relationship, Wikipedia & Career

Famend chef Rita Lobo’s age, is beneath wraps until now. Let’s discover more about his Wikipedia. Rita Lobo left her modeling career to hunt her dream in the world of food. She has finished her education in gastronomy from the Institute of Culinary Education. In a similar way, she began her web site in the year 2000 named Panelinha web site, in which she stocks cooking recipes. But even so this, she has written a book name Panelinha: Receitas Que Funcionam (2010). Know about age, height, wikipedia, biography, net worth, family, patner, net worth, career, facts.

Age, Height, Birth Date, Net Worth, Wiki, Biography, Family, Relationship

  • Chef has not printed her exact age in public in spite of loads of requests through her fan followings
  • On the other hand, she is young, horny, and captivating
  •   Ria Lobo was born and raised in Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Look, she appears to be residing in Brazil as consistent with her web site location
  • On the other hand, we could not in finding her precise location

Regardless of being one of the vital well-known cooks, she has not been featured on Wikipedia.


  • Rita Lobo is provide on Instagram beneath the username @ritalobo
  • In which she has were given more than 1
  • 7 million followers
  • Until now, she has shared more than 12k posts amongst her fans

She has additionally were given a youtube channel named namesake as consistent with scielo. But even so this additionally she has won more than 571 followers on her Twitter account beneath username @RitaLobo. The networth of Rita Lobo has not been disclosed in public but. On the other hand, she is entitled to a salary of 5130 BRL monthly. On the same time, it levels from 2360BRL (lowest) to 8150BRL (best possible) as consistent with salary explorer. It is among the moderate salaries of Brazilian cooks.

 <span knowledge-preserver-areas="true">Rita Lobo is married to </span><sturdy><span knowledge-preserver-areas="true">Ilan kow</span></sturdy><span knowledge-preserver-areas="true">. The couple resides luckily with their children’s </span><sturdy><span knowledge-preserver-areas="true">Dora Lobo </span></sturdy><span knowledge-preserver-areas="true">and </span><sturdy><span knowledge-preserver-areas="true">Gabriel Lobo</span></sturdy><span knowledge-preserver-areas="true">. </span>   <span knowledge-preserver-areas="true">Speaking about her family individuals, her mother is </span><sturdy><span knowledge-preserver-areas="true">Elisabeth Juliska Rago</span></sturdy><span knowledge-preserver-areas="true">, and her sibling is </span><sturdy><span knowledge-preserver-areas="true">Fabio Valentim</span></sturdy><span knowledge-preserver-areas="true">. On the other hand, she has not printed anything about other family individuals.</span> 

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